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BDA Strapline

Ford BDA and BDG Cylinder Heads 3 stud & 4 stud exhaust pattern.

BDG Cylinder Blocks machined from genuine Cosworth castings (Ford Logo). Supplied with ceramic bore or liners.

SAS Engineering also supply BDA & BDG C

  • 3 and 4 stud exhaust pattern heads – allowing use of original manifold

  • CNC machined ports for consistant, repeatable performance

  • Critical dimension check by coordinate measuring machine, ensuring compatability with original manufacturers parts

  • Manufacturing from modern pattern equipment minimises failure due to porosity

  • BDG Block machined using original Cosworth castings

  • By purchasing direct from us all the cost goes towards high quality manufacture.

SAS Engineering are remanufacturers and suppliers of brand new race specification cylinder heads for the Lotus Twin Cam and Ford BDG, BDA & FVC engines.

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