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FVC Cylinder Heads remanufactured from modern pattern work.

FVC Cam Carriers machined from billet aluminium and bored to accept direct fitting of FVC cams (no cam bearings required)

  • Cam Carriers machined from solid give more resistance to cracking.  Bored to accept direct fitting of cam

  • New Cylinder Heads manufactured with gear centres to original tolerances

  • New Water Outlet Adaptors fabricated by SAS Engineering

  • Timing Cover and Adaptor Plate

  • Rear Cover Cylinder Head

SAS Engineering are remanufacturers and suppliers of brand new race specification cylinder heads for the Lotus Twin Cam and Ford BDG, BDA & FVC engines.

SAS Engineering Ltd
Fengate, Peterborough

Tel: 01733 312522
Fax: 01733 314221

FVC Cylinder Heads and parts